Planning and Design

A Fitter Figueroa: Bicycle Plan for USC

Students worked in small groups to design vision plans for streets surrounding the University of Southern California campus. I created this photo montage to illustrate our plan for a Fitter Figueroa. It would create a one-way car street (which is currently two-way traffic) to make room for a two-way, protected bike lane, sidewalk cafes, enhanced pedestrian environments and safer crosswalks.


Streetscape Plan for Whitley Avenue, Hollywood CA

The Whitley Avenue Streetscape plan draws visitors from the Hollywood Walk of Fame up an under-traveled side street to see historic architecture and stunning city views. I created this plan for an individual class project focused on pedestrian environments.

base map

The Malécon Design Proposal, Havana, Cuba

The Malécon is a four-mile sea wall in Havana, Cuba that serves as protection from high seas, and public gathering space for Cubans of all ages. Inspired by my visits there on my study abroad trip, I used it for the site of an individual urban design project. I created this model using Google SketchUp to show the design interventions I proposed.

Hope Street Design Proposal:  Department of Water and Power Bumper Boats

Students worked in small groups to create design proposals for streets in downtown Los Angeles. I created this photo montage to depict one intervention in our water education themed project: Hope for Water on Hope Street.


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