I am a documentarian, data analyst, urban plannerdesigner and cyclist. I have strong skills in the data-driven worlds of transportation and analytics as well as the visually-centered realms of media, video, design, and mapping. I am happy to work with data or design separately or together and am fascinated by their intersections.

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As a former documentary film editor and producer, I use my experience in research, storytelling, and technology, to visualize data, design maps, and craft narratives for transportation projects. I have written, edited, troubleshot, created, and cataloged for companies as large as ABC News and as small as  GOOD. After earning a Masters degree in Urban Planning, I now analyze, visualize, map, research, and organize for Metro, the Los Angeles County MTA.

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Enjoy this collection of my videos, infographics, plans, and maps. Contact me if you are interested in more samples.

marie.sullivan@gmail.com / @MarieSherrill